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Hello Listener's

My name is Olivia Weatherburn. I'm a down-to-earth farm girl and passionate equestrian hailing from the picturesque landscapes of Southland, New Zealand.


Horse's have been part of my life through the highs and the lows and I can't imagine my life without them.  Throughout my career as a shepherd, rural professional and all round rural advocate I have been on the road, air or in transit and podcasts have become my go to for entertainment, education and story telling. While travelling home from an event with my own pony in late 2020 I couldn't find some of those back to basic tips and tricks and riders closer to our own backdoors telling their stories and this is how  The Equine Life NZ was born.

 Young Horse lover

Throughout my equestrian journey, I've had the privilege of bonding with several remarkable equine companions.

It all began with Shelley, a gentle Shetland pony, who joined me on my earliest adventures. Then came Sassy, an aptly named spirited bay pony who taught me both mischievous fun and resilience.

During my teenage years, I transitioned to standardbred horses, embarking on memorable treks with my father and even completing my first cavalcade at 16.

In 2006, a significant move led to the acquisition of Mr. Waylon Jennings, a gray quarter horse, who took me on a nationwide rodeo journey, culminating in our victory at the New Zealand Rodeo Cowboys Association rookie title.

After 12 years of rodeo adventures, Waylon retired, and Goo, a registered paint horse, stepped into his shoes. Due to injuries, we shifted our focus to cowboy challenges, where Goo excelled. This transition helped me regain confidence after multiple back surgeries, leading to my 2021/22 New Zealand Cowboys Association rookie title win.

While we plan to return to rodeo eventually, for now, we cherish the joy of being in the saddle and nurturing these incredible horse companions, despite the financial challenges it may bring.

Here's to many more adventures. 

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The Podcast

As a shepherd, rural professional, and advocate for rural life, I'm constantly on the move, and podcasts have become my travel companions.


In late 2020, while returning home with my pony, I noticed the lack of local riding tips and stories. So, I launched "The Equine Life NZ" podcast, dedicated to inspiring and empowering horse enthusiasts in New Zealand and Australia.


We share stories and advice from riders of all backgrounds, covering various aspects of horse riding, but it's essential to remember that our podcast complements professional advice rather than replaces it.


Whether you're embarking on a horseback adventure or tackling daily tasks, our podcast, suitable for all ages in the horse world, offers a wealth of insights and inspiration for your journey.

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